Awesome Things to do in Chicago IL

Chicago is also known as a windy city, and it is located on the shores of the Great Lakes. This city is popular as the fastest growing city in the world, which has a rich lifestyle and high standards. In this city you are faced with beautiful examples of skyscrapers, since the first skyscraper was built in Chicago. This city is known as the center of many historical buildings, theaters, and also popular due to the traditional blues and jazz music. People visiting new places find a lot of things in Chicago. Chicago is perfect for couples, where they spend the pleasant time that they are waiting for.

Chicago is home to numerous communities, and it’s really adventurous and  interesting to know the lifestyle of these communities living in  Chicago. The first thing you need to do in Chicago is that you have to join the  tours around Chicago, because on these tours you come across a new type  of experience that you will never forget. This pedestrian route is really very pleasant and interesting for couples in favorable weather. Another important and pleasant thing about the popularity of Chicago is to enjoy the taste of its products. If you have your tour in the summer, you should try to enjoy this event, which will take place in the Great Park. This event is basically an annual collaboration of sixty restaurants  in Chicago, and these restaurants are trying to present the best and new dishes for both residents and visitors.

You should visit Chicago from June 27 to July 6, because this is the time  of participating in the largest food festivals in the Midwest. Traveling with your partner in Chicago, you have a chance to learn a lot of new things. This place offers an excellent learning environment for art, history,  science and culture lovers, because there are a huge number of museums  that you can visit and throw you into the world of knowledge and  traditions. One of the most popular and interesting things to do in Chicago is to  enjoy the bus on the Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture bus in Oak Park,  which is located fifteen minutes from Chicago.

Men enjoy sports, while women have an excuse for shopping, so both of these operations are well managed, if you are in Chicago. For the convenience of tourists in Chicago, many trade events. You can also enjoy romantic movements with complete bliss with your spouse  and partner in the Chicago park area and in many other beautiful places. If you want to end your Chicago tour in the best way, you need to go to  the Funky Buddha Lounge for some drinks, where you can also enjoy the  hot music. You also have the opportunity to meet with Hollywood celebrities, evenings in the evenings on the dance floor. When your trip to Chicago comes to the last stage, you do not like to return to your hometown. You feel like you’re doing it all again, and you’ve already enjoyed your trip to Chicago. The city provides relief from worldly worries, and you carry out actions  that you and your partner really want to do in your life.

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The 5 Special places in Chicago IL

If you happen to ask those who have had a chance to visit various places in Chicago IL, then you will realize that Illinois is a place of wonders and there are justified reasons that have made it popular. Those who are fond of traveling and seeing what nature has to offer always get amazed by the many features, both natural and man-made, found in the area. In short, there are many reasons that have made Chicago IL popular. If you are planning to visit the land, the following are the 5 special places that you need to visit and the experiences will leave you being obsessed by the desire to go back and enjoy seeing the wonders of the land.

Burden Falls
Burden Falls is one among the best places you will ever find in the Shawnee National Forest. Although it is not the biggest waterfall in the United States, Burden Falls is among the tallest that you will ever find in Chicago IL. Photography and bird watching are some of the activities enjoyed at the falls, although you may also engage in fishing and hunting. The place is considered to be among the best as this is where you will ever find the most captivating experience as you enjoy watching the water falling from a height of 20 feet.

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse
Although Chicago has many good places, this one is considered the best place in the land as it is among the sights that you will consider as the most beautiful. There is no doubt that you will look for every chance to take photos of this beautiful sight. For a perfect photo opportunity, you can use a boat tour but you can still capture clear photos while at the city’s Navy Pier. Jane Addams Memorial Park and Milton Olive Park are among the parks neighboring the lighthouse and you have every reason to explore them before you leave.

Holy Name Cathedral
This is the only Cathedral found in Chicago IL and it attracts a lot of visitors from all corners of the world. It is the rich history of Holy Name Cathedral that makes many people have the desire to visit the site as that is where Hymie Weiss, one of the North Side Gang members was killed. In addition, it is just a few years since the interior of the church and the roof got damaged. It is from Holy Name Cathedral where the visitors come to learn about all the most notorious criminals in Chicago.

The town is the only national district that has been able to retain historical feels up to date. If you happen to visit the town, you will have an opportunity to see the Main Street blocks in Galena, where the French Colonial Buildings and the Greek revival lay close to each other. Galena is the most visited tourist destination in Illinois. This is due to the presence of the Historical Society and Museum and the Old Market House, which are the main tourists’ attractions that draw tourists into the town.

Chicago Riverwalk
Chicago Riverwalk is likely to be the most popular tourist destination in Chicago IL in a few years to come. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza is the periphery of the Riverwalk, commemorating the brave heroes who lost their lives during the wars. The destinations grace is lit up by the stunning architecture, thus making it possible to visit at any time, even at night.

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Places to see in Chicago IL

Chicago IL is acclaimed for its compositional structures, green parks, rich theaters and shopping centers. This city is the third biggest state in the United States situated at the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan. With its rich culture and history, Chicago is a place worth visiting.

Going to this state for an excursion begins with knowing the vacationer’s spots and best lodging housing in town. Find fun exercises and awesome areas to investigate in Chicago. Here are four Places to see in Chicago IL

Chicago Travel Ideas

Wrigley Field. For sports lovers, Wrigley Field is an absolute necessity visit voyagers spot. This stadium is situated close Wrigleyville. It is encompassed by astounding block buildings making the place emerge. It will be a remarkable ordeal to watch diversions inside the stadium. You will feel the soul of Chicago fans in supporting their group with eagerness. On the off chance that you are planning to visit this place, make sure to purchase tickets as right on time as feasible for ensured seat reservation.

Primitive. This four-story display is a section gallery, part shopping place in Chicago where you can investigate a considerable measure of customary and ethnic craftsmanship gathering. It will be a life-changing background to see rich culture and inestimable antiques gathered from everywhere throughout the world. Additionally, this place is featured with interesting Buddhist relics, defined the silver sacred place and significantly all the more interesting articles.

Museum of Science and Industry. For individuals who need to have an incredible learning and traveling knowledge, it will be enjoyable to visit Museum of Science and Industry. Bring your children with you and find different displays and exercises to attempt. There are assortments of historical centers to visit in Chicago. It is ensured that you will take in a considerable measure of things from these instructive exhibition halls.

Chicago Theater. Entertainment in Chicago is world-class. Chicagoans are known for their best theater exhibitions and live entertainment in front of an audience. This performance center was once named as the Wonder Theater of the World. Today, this seven stories high venue is built with 3,600 seats to oblige individuals in the theater. This place has officially held a considerable measure of exhibitions from well-known auditorium gatherings, performers, gymnastic performers, craftsmen, and humorists. You can take a voyage through this notable building for one hour to see every single well-known performance center in the United States.

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Having The Best Fun in Chicago IL

Chicago Illinois is one of the most favorable destinations for many tourists around the United States.There are thousands of places to visit and so many magnificent attractions for one to have fun at.For those who would like to enjoy having fun in Chicago IL make sure you don’t miss visiting the following places.
We start our journey at a famous Millennium Park, which is rather new attraction for the tourists from around the World. Millennium Park has a variety of sculptures and fountains and it has one of the largest rooftop garden. You can have a fun time at ice skating arena, bicycle center and the admission is free.

Your children will love the next stop – Chicago’s Navy Pier, the place has a good deal of attractions – shops, restaurants, extraordinary rides. It’s located near lake Michigan and has a famous huge McDonald’s Ferris Wheel, where you can see a nice panoramic view of the city.Kids that are a little older, finding something to entertain them can become challenging. A visit to the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is the answer to your dilemma. They will enjoy being served roast chicken and barbecued ribs that they will enjoying eating with their fingers. The show will feature jousting matches with knights riding on beautiful horses. Each section of the audience cheers for a different knight. If you eat too much food or get too caught up in the jousting, there are plenty of Chicago south west suburbs physicians to help.

The Field Museum of Natural History is located close to the Millennium Park on the Lake Shore Drive. It has up to 6 acres exhibits, which delivers an extraordinary look at the different cultures and environments. You can explore the secrets of the Egyptian mummies, feel the life of ancient Africa. Dinosaur collection will make you excited as you will see the largest fossil of Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Sears Tower is one of the tallest building in the Midwest. It is 1,4500 feet high and it has 110 stories. The most incredible attraction for the tourists is the “Skydeck” – ability to see up to 50 miles each direction.

If you’re a fan of baseball, you will love to visit the Wrigley Field – the Chicago “Cubs” temple. You can take a tour and learn about the Chicago “Cubs” history, it’s past and future players. The neighborhood of the stadium is very unique and it creates a magnificent experience.

Chicago is the city that everyone should visit at least one time per year. There are so many things to see! From museums to the fancy restaurants, from the Shedd Aquarium to the Navy Pier park – you will have a unique experience and will remember your vacation for many years to come. All the best as you enjoy having fun in Chicago IL.

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Best Things to do in Chicago IL

Some people dream of living in such colorful cities as New York, Boston or Los Angeles. However, there is one city that can be missed in Chicago. As a rule, people go to Chicago for vacations, because there are many  attractions, such as the Museum of Arts, and other wonderful sights. Nevertheless, some people are not looking for a place to rest, but  instead in Chicago, IL are looking for apartments for rent in Chicago  IL, because they are going to move to this famous city.

The beginning of a new life in Chicago

The idea of ​​going to a big city can be frightening because their current  location is small, but moving to Windy City will be a completely new  experience. People move to Chicago for a new job or a better lifestyle, but there  are other reasons to go to Chicago except to work, but see what can be  seen in this very interesting city in the Midwest that attracts people  from all over the world:

• Lots of beaches that you can enjoy: when people think of Chicago, the last thing they think of is the beach. However, there are more than 25 miles of beach, which is located in the very city of Chicago. When the temperature rises, people head to the beach in the city to  cool down and enjoy swimming, boating or dining in one of the many  restaurants located near the beach.

• The best food on the planet: Chicago has the nickname of Hog Butcher of the World, because in Chicago there are many other kinds of food to  enjoy and from every country around the world. People who want to have the best reception in their life can go to Chicago and eat food from any place located in the same city.

• A lot of space to watch and view: whether it’s a theater, going to  the beach or any of the festivals that occur at certain times of the  year, people who live in Chicago can do something every weekend and  never get bored.

• Home of professional football and baseball teams: some people are  looking for apartments for rent in Chicago because they are big fans of  sports, and Chicago is home to many sports teams, including football and baseball. Some people will pay for participating in a professional sports game,  but people who live in Chicago, and go to any team they want easily.

When people want to leave their small town for a big city, there are many different big cities for them. Nevertheless, Chicago is a big city that is often overlooked because people go to Chicago for relaxation, but some people are on a mission to find a new  place to live. There are many things to do in Chicago IL.

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Top 5 Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub

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Having a warm bath is the best way to relax after having a tedious day. However, when your bathtub is in a bad shape or deteriorating, taking a bath will be the last thing you can do.

Bathtub restoration is a process that can change your bathroom significantly. Choosing to refinish your bathtub provides a new look of brand new tubs, tiles, and sinks. The following are the reasons to refinish your bathtub.

You Will Save Money
The process of refinishing a bathtub is less expensive compared to any other improvement method. The cost of replacing a bathtub will cost you between $2,000 -$3,000. While on the other hand, the cost of refinishing will cost you $200-$450. Refinishing offers an instant and affordable option.

It Takes Less Time
If you value your time, then bathtub refinishing is the best option for you. There are never enough hours in a day to accomplish everything we desire. Unlike replacing your bathtub that will take approximately 2-4 weeks, the process of refinishing will be complete within a day and you can use it in just 24 hours.

You Can Keep Your Existing Tub
Most old bathtubs have a great and unique design especially if you have an ornate or clawfoot design. With tub refinishing, you can quickly restore the beauty of your bathtub within 24 hours.

Did you know lead is found in original bathtubs? After the finish on your tub wears out, the lead will begin to leach which may be harmful to your health. No one wishes to put the lives of their children or themselves to harm by just taking a simple bath. The process of refinishing seals your bathtub from harmful lead and a new protective barrier is formed.

Give Your Bathtub New Features
There is no need of making your bathroom dull old and stained. If you choose to restore your bathtub, you will enjoy the features that you would have obtained from new fixtures, without spending much money.

Bathtub restoration is the best option to ensure a sustainable and carbon free environment. If you choose to buy another new bathtub, you will have to dump the old one in a landfill. Apart from saving both your money and time, it minimizes your negative impact on the environment.

Choosing to refinish your bathtub will make it to last even longer with new features. If the tub is well maintained, it can last up to 10-15years. To achieve this, you should not use scrubbing pads, bathmats and abrasive cleaners for your cleaning.

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish a Bathtub?

Question: “I am considering refinishing my tub [versus total replacement]…and need to know is this a scam and what is the average cost and is the quality is worth it?” — M. Snohomish, WA

Answer: Bathtub refinishing is in danger of entering the pantheon of home remodeling semi-scams–along with vinyl siding and replacement windows–yet I do not understand why. I suppose it is because, along with the windows and siding, it is viewed as a “cover up” measure rather than as a “real” way of dealing with the problem.

I say – go for it! While not as complete as a full bathtub replacement or even a bathtub liner, bathtub refinishing is a legitimate way of solving the problem of a nasty bathtub. Besides, bathtub liners come with their own set of problems: they can trap water and you lose the beauty of the tub itself (provided that you had a nice tub, to begin with).

First of all, I do not recommend DIY bathtub refinishing if you want a first-rate finish. You need to hire a local company with the skills and, most importantly, right tools for the task. DIY refinishing is good in a pinch, and it has a shorter lifespan than if done by professionals.

Quality varies from company to company, and in an informal poll of some homeowners who have had tubs refinished, quality seems to hinge on one thing: preparation. A poorly prepared bathtub results in peeling paint and unhappy homeowners. Another common complaint is chips.

Many homeowners report that their refinished tubs get chips within months of refinishing, after even normal use. It is not known, though, which company did the refinishing, what they did, how they prepared the surface, etc. Also, this does not seem to be an industry-wide complaint.

Cost also varies, but most homeowners appear to be spending around $550 for the service.

Some homeowners say that they have paid $250-$300 for bathtub refinishing, but these also tend to be the homeowners complaining about the poor quality.

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